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Old Alparon Park sign
The Troy Lions Club donated this sign and planter. Here Willie and Mrs. Ron Gleckner plant spring flowers as Lion Past President Dick Garrison looks on.

Alparon Park was founded in 1882 by the Troy Farmers’ Club. The club which produced the Troy Fair had outgrown its fair grounds and its lease was about to end. They settled on the farm of John A. Parsons to create the park. The park was named after Dr. Alfred Parsons who had bought the farm in 1839. The railroad ran along the property allowing for easy access to supplies. The buildings on the old fair grounds were torn down and carefully moved to the new property.

In 1885, the 10th anniversary of the fair, a new grandstand was built capable of seating 600 people. The crowds reached 7,000 patrons. On July 5, 1886 the new grandstand burned to the ground, the cause was never determined. The grandstands were rebuilt and burned again 85 years later in 1971.

In 1954 the Troy Lions Club headed a drive to raise money to purchase Alparon Park so that it could be used as a community park. All Troy service clubs were invited to elect representatives to serve on the Board of Directors and the Alparon Community Park Association non-profit was incorporated. Later the Troy Borough Municipal Authority took over the legal ownership of the property while Alparon Community Park corporation continued all fundraising, upkeep, and management.

Historical photos and some of the history provided by: http://www.joycetice.com/booksb/troyfair100.htm

Old Grandstands